Knowledge is Power
The KIPTM bicycle power meter system is designed to meet the highest accuracy, robustness, stability and battery life standards. The KIPTM module is designed to be integrated into a crank set, working intimately with and being protected by the crank arms. The KIPTM module is factory fitted into both crank arms to become integral parts of each crankset. Each KIPTM module takes inputs from 4 sensors bonded directly to the crank material to accurately measure the driving force being applied to each crank arm. Cranks equipped with the KIPTM Module will provide bilateral power measurements, be fully compatible with ANT+TM wireless communication protocols, and feature long-life, user replaceable batteries.

Look out for the new range of KIP equipped cranksets being released by our partners.

Accuracy and Repeatability
Accurate everywhere, everytime. The KIPTM system is designed with accuracy and repeatability in mind with in built temperature stability a custom designed installation cavity and full Wheatstone bridge strain measurements.
Bilateral Measurements
The KIPTM system measures the output of each leg not just the total power output.
IPX7 rated enclosure keeps the elements out even if the KIPTM module becomes submerged in water.
Each KIPTM module is fitted within, and protected by, a specifically designed cavity. This design gives users the peace of mind to know that the power meter brains are being protected within one of the strongest elements of a bicycle.
Long Battery Life
Up to 500 hrs operation from low cost high quality user replaceable batteries.